List of Top 10 Travel Backpack Essentials [Infographic]

It is always important to check and store your travel essentials in your travel backpack. No matter it is your business trip or personal trip. Check the travel essential checklist below, store on your backpack and make your next trip easy and comfortable.List of Top 10 Travel Backpack Essentials (Infographic)

List of Travel Backpack Essentials

  1. Travel Documents

Passport, Visa, ID Card (National ID/Employee ID/Student ID), Credit/Debit Card, Ticket, Money and Emergency Contact List

  1. First Aid Box

Band aids, Antiseptic, Gazes, Diarrhea tablets, Mosquito repellent, Small scissors, etc.

  1. Clothes

Shirt, T-Shit, Pant, Jens, Jacket, Dresses, Shoes, Shorts, Shocks, Underwear, etc.

  1. Other Clothing Items

Hat, Belt, Mask, Raincoat, Jewelry, Safety Pins, Scarf, Tie, etc.

  1. Gadgets

Mobile Phone, iPad/Tablet, Laptop/Notebook, Camera, Media Player, Portable Speaker, Smartwatch, etc.

  1. Gadgets Accessories

Mobile phone charger, Laptop charger, Headphone, USB Cables, Converters, etc.

  1. Entertainment and Information

Books, Travel Magazine, Gaming Device, Notebook/Diary, Pen, Pencil, Marker, Travel guide, Maps, etc.

  1. Toiletries Items

Hair brush, Sunscreen lotion, Cotton buds, Lip balm, Mirror, Nail cutter, Razors, Shaving cream, Electric razor, Shop, Shampoo, Conditioner, Toothbrush and Toothpaste.

  1. Health and Medicines

Allergy Pills, Cold Medicine, Sleeping Pills, Vitamins, Pain Killer, etc.

  1. Other Travel Essentials

Backpack cover, Water bottle, Sleeping Bag, Pillow, Towels, Toilet papers, Umbrella, Tissue paper, Knife, Plastic bags, Snacks, Chips, Dried foods, etc.


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