The North Face Recon Backpack Review

The North Face Recon Backpack is one of my favorite laptop backpack that comes with multi-compartment design. The North Face Recon is an ideal backpack for any aged people. You can use the backpack as a daypack, travel backpack, school/college backpack or a professional laptop backpack. The comfortable and versatile recon backpack is lightweight and durable enough to carry it anywhere you go. The main compartment comes with the large packing capacity to carry everything you need to join a class, meeting or a week long personal/business trip. The highly water-resistant backpack also keep your expensive content from rain while hiking or traveling.The North Face Recon Backpack Review

In this The North Face Recon Backpack Review, I’ll try my best to share all of its features, advantages and some minor disadvantages. I’ll also let you know how to eliminate those minor disadvantages. I’ll also compare this North Face Recon Backpack with some other version of recon backpack from North Face.

Some Fascinating Features of The North Face Recon Backpack

Multi-Compartment Design

A college student or a traveler need a backpack with multi-compartment design. This will help to store their contentThe North Face Recon Backpack easily and quickly. This is also helpful to keep contents organized, so that you can easily find anything when you need. Fortunately, The North Face Recon Backpack comes with the multi-compartment design. There is a main zippered compartment, a front zippered compartment and a laptop compartment to keep your contents organized. There are also several internal and external pockets available to store your essential tools and gadgets.

Large Main Compartment

North Face Recon is the ideal backpack to carry enough contents to join a day long class. This is also perfect for a short business or personal trip. The large main compartment of the North Face Recon is large and spacious enough to store your class or daily essentials. You can easily store 3-4 books, 1-2 notebooks, some notepapers and other class essentials. When you are going on a personal or business trip, you can carry your travel essentials like clothing, shoes, laptop, tablet and other gadgets.

Separate Laptop Compartment with Maximum Protection

A laptop is one of the most important and expensive devices for students, travelers or business professionals. So North Face Reconwhen you need to carry the laptop, you must ensure its safety from any kind damage. It will be a great idea to buy a backpack that is specially designed to carry a laptop. And The North Face Recon Backpack is one of the best-selling laptop backpack that comes with a protective laptop compartment. You can carry up to a 15 inch laptop through this backpack. The padded and dedicated laptop compartment will protect your laptop from any kind blow or physical damage.

Lightweight and Comfortable

You may need to carry your backpack with huge weight for a long time during hiking, traveling or when you are going to join a day long class. So your backpack must be lightweight enough so that you can carry it with maximum comfort. The North Face Recon is a lightweight backpack, which empty weight is only 2 lbs. To ensure maximum comfort to carry the backpack, it comes with padded and adjustable shoulder strap. The padded air-mesh back panel with a Spine Channel and PE sheet also ensure comfort to carry the recon backpack.

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  • Water-resistant backpack will protect your contents from rain, water, dirt and dustNorth Face Recon Backpack
  • Separate tablet sleeve to carry your iPad or up to 10 inch size tablet
  • Adjustable chest and waist belt
  • Huge storage capacity (31 liters)
  • Well-organized compartments
  • Several internal sleeves and pockets to carry small gadgets, mouse, mobile, charger, etc.
  • Top front zippered pocket
  • Two side mesh pockets


  • Not perfect for women as little bit bulky
  • Laptop sleeve can hold up to a 15.6 inch laptop

North Face Recon vs. Women’s Recon

When you compare The North Face Recon Backpack with the Women’s Recon Backpack, you will find everything same expect suspension system. The North Face Women’s Recon Backpack specially designed for ladies to carry it easily. The shoulder strap and back panel suspension system specially optimized for women. So that it can fit on any aged women’s back perfectly and they can feel maximum comfort to carry the backpack.

North Face Recon Backpack vs. Men’s Recon

The North Face Men’s Recon Backpack designed for corporate men to carry their business and office essentials. The design and outlook almost same as the Recon Backpack. If you compare the North Face Recon Backpack vs. Men’s Recon Backpack, you will find the recon backpack good enough. The empty weight of the men’s recon backpack is little bit higher than the recon backpack and the shoulder straps are also large.

The North Face Recon vs. North Face Recon Squash Big Kids

The difference between The North Face Recon Backpack and The North Face Recon Squash Big Kids is their size. The Recon Squash is specially designed for school going kids who need to carry 2-3 books and other class essentials. The price of the Recon Squash is also low then the Regular Recon Backpack but the quality almost same. There is also little difference available in the outlook design.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: What is the meaning of OS Size?

A: OS means One Size.

Q: Is the Backpack Same as Picture?

A: The design of the backpack same as picture, but the color may vary as your device screen resolution and product photography.

Q: Is this model for only men or women?

A: This model is for both men and women.

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Over to You

A comfortable, lightweight and versatile backpack can make your daily life easy and comfortable. But finding a backpack with these features is not easy because most of them are expensive. Thanks to North Face as they come with their The North Face Recon Backpack that is durable, lightweight and cheap enough in price. So if you are looking for a new backpack to join your new class or going to your next trip, then it’s time to order The Recon Backpack Now.

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