Targus Compact Rolling Backpack for Laptops (TSB750US) Review

Imagine you’re off to a short business trip and has to take your gadget with you.  Let’s say, your laptop for a better presentation of your business proposal.  Surely, you won’t just take your gadget alone.  You have to take your good and decent business attire, and other business paraphernalia so you could make the best deal. Targus Compact Rolling Backpack

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Certainly, you don’ want to appear haggard with your clients.  So, you have to travel lightly and relaxed as possible.  If you’re worry of carrying your heavy stuff, well, forget it now as Targus Compact Rolling Backpack will give you the most comfortable trip while carrying securely your necessities!

Why you should buy Targus Compact Rolling Backpack? 

  • It offers you a relaxing trip while carrying your personal essentials. It is designed as trolley- backpack, hence, you can just pull or push the bag and doesn’t have to carry it on your shoulder.
  • Easily transported with its rollers.
  • Large compartment for accessories
  • Padded well to protect your stuff especially your gadget. Gadgets are vulnerable and should need extra protection.
  • Made of high-quality materials and absolutely created for long lasting use

Key Features of Targus Compact Rolling Backpack

Convenient to Use 

Targus Rolling Backpack features quiet roller wheels and retractable handles.  You can just simply pull the bag and doesn’t have to carry heavy luggage while on a trip.  Aside from the trolleys, you can also use the bag as a backpack with its 2 durable padded straps.  Pads make a comfortable carrying if you need to.

Amazing Storage 

This backpack gives you an amazing storage and could keep a lot of personal essentials.  first, it offers a food and secured storage/compartment for a laptop.  Such special storage can accommodate laptops with 16 to 17 inches screen size.  It also has a huge compartment when you can keep books, folders, and other important documents.  You can also take some extra clothes on the trip. Targus Compact Rolling Backpack for Laptops (TSB750US) Review

In front is another storage with ample space that keeps securely your accessories and other gadgets.  The pockets on each side additionally give you space where you can store tiny stuff and even a bottle of water.

2 in One Bag 

Equipped with rollers and sturdy metallic handle, you can easily pull your bag anywhere you like to go.  But if you want to use it as a backpack, you can easily transform it into a backpack with just some easy adjustment.  You can keep the wheels on its fold-away wheel cover so you won’t get messed with possible dirty wheels.  You can also drop down the metallic handle at the back part of the bag.  What makes it more amazing is that you can just leave the bag standing as the wheels at the bottom can support the bag.

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  • It’s a two-way bag that could be transformed easily from backpack to trolley in just a matter of some adjustment.
  • It offers you a good storage for your business essentials and secures well your gadget and your other paraphernalia.
  • It guarantees long-lasting use as it is made of highly durable materials (both exterior and interior parts).
  • Pockets are created to facilitate your valuables.
  • It comes with a warranty.


  • It’s quite heavy when being carried. The metallic handle and wheels added to the overall weight of the bag.
  • Appears to be bulky because of the opportunity to store a lot of things in the compartment.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q: How big the bag is? I’m quite short and I’m afraid it might not look good to me.

A: It has a product dimension of 13.4 x 7.5 x 19.3 inches.

Q: What kind of materials this bag is made?

A: It’s made of high-quality polyester and the interior is lined with good fabrics.  Zippers to are durable and doesn’t easily damaged.

Q: Does it look good to women too?

A: Yes, it looks good for everyone.

Q: What are the available colors to choose from?

A: I’m not sure, I think it’s only black.

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The bag is definitely helpful especially to those who are always going for an overnight trip/business trip.  It offers a comfortable travel since you don’t have to carry the bag all the time.  you can just transform the bag into a trolley, and there you go! you can just be pulling your staff while walking.  If you feel like carrying it because you’re in a hurry, it is easily transformed too into a backpack.

With such good performance, people will surely love this Targus Compact Rolling Backpack.

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