SwissGear Blue Ibex 17″ Computer Backpack Review

When you are a laptop user, first of all you have to buy a laptop backpack for your laptop’s security. SwissGear Blue Ibex 17″ Computer Backpack is the perfect backpack for a 17 inch laptop. It has multiple compartments with high durability fabrics to give the best performance. The shoulder straps are made of soft padded fabrics for shock absorbing. Inside of the backpack has vast space to fit up to 18 inch laptop. SwissGear Ibex is giving a warranty for this new backpack.SwissGear Blue Ibex 17" Computer Backpack Review

For whom SwissGear Ibex designed for?

  • Who has to carry other accessories with the laptop.
  • Students who have to carry textbooks and other study materials.
  • Business professionals to carry all the stuff in one place.
  • Travelers, who has to carry the laptop for a long time.

Some Important Features of SwissGear Blue Ibex Computer Backpack

Multiple Compartments

SwissGear ibex has designed with multiple compartments to carry all the stuff you need with your laptop. There are three big pockets are available in SwissGear Blue Ibex 17″ Computer Backpack. One of them is for a 17 inch laptop. Others are in tablet and iPad. You can also carry some textbooks or diary in this backpack. Two front pockets to hold water bottle or other things as you wish.

High Durability Fabrics

This SwissGear Blue Ibex 17″ Computer Backpack has made of high quality nylon fabrics. Fabric is highly durable to balance the weight equivalently. Shoulders straps are made of padded fabrics to give you a comfort feeling. You can carry heavy load without any hassle for a long time, as the shoulder straps are padded and balance the weight.

Air Flow Back Pad

Sometimes it is very uneasy feeling when you are carrying the computer backpack for a long time. It occurs for SwissGear Blue Ibex 17" Computer Backpacklacking of air passing. To overcome this issue, SwissGear ibex has a padded back panel. It has well ventilation process so that air can pass easily and never make you feel uncomfortable. Even if you are a traveler or a cyclist and want to carry the backpack on your back, you will never feel extra weight or wet feeling in the back.


  • Made of heavy duty material for holding extra load.
  • Multiple Zippered compartments for carrying all the stuff in one backpack.
  • Shock absorbing shoulder straps for better movements.
  • Air flow back padding for comfort feeling and keeping your back cool.
  • Water bottle pockets for long distance journey or cycling.
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty.
  • You can carry textbooks or other stuff with your laptop.



Question: Can I carry two laptops in this backpack?

Answer: Yes, you can carry two laptops with also the other stuff.

Question: Is there available a warranty on this computer backpack?

Answer: Yes, SwissGear Ibex providing warranty on this backpack.

Question: Has it a fashionable outlook?

Answer: Color combination and zippers have a cool look and it is one of the stylish looking backpack.

Question: Can this fit to a 19 inch laptop?

Answer: No, this fits up to 18 inch laptop.

The Verdict

Though the price of this computer backpack is little bit high, SwissGear Blue Ibex 17″ Computer Backpack has some amazing features. Now it’s your turn.


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