Oakley Kitchen Sink Backpack Review 2017

Who wouldn’t love Oakley? Such name has been a leading in the market of eye protection, producing lovely sunglasses in different shapes, colors, and designs that suit you best.

Did you know?

Oakley too has been producing remarkable watches, apparel, shoes, caps, bags etc?  Yes! And just like how sunglasses are being loved by many, other products too have been salable and have added more fame to Oakley in the industry. No wonder, such name brand could be heard from anyone: teens, adults, men, women, and even some children. Oakley Kitchen Sink Backpack

Are you ready? Let’s get to know more one of Oakley’s fascinating creating that absolutely captures many people’s attention.  Take a look at this Oakley Kitchen Sink Review and get to know what this backpack stores for us!

Why should you buy Oakley Kitchen Sink Backpack?

  • Oakley is known for their high performing products; thus, this backpack too could be offering you great performance.
  • The Oakley Kitchen Sink Backpack is constructed of water-resistant materials.
  • Mostly used in school, but performs best too when strolling, hiking, and weekend getaways. Versatile indeed!
  • Sturdy materials and definitely created for long-lasting use.
  • Comes with laptop and shoe compartments. It also provides you with eyewear protection pouch.
  • Helps you organize your things with multiple pockets.

Key Features

Huge Internal Compartment and Functional Pockets

As you unclip the metal tie on the bags molded top, you’ll get access to the huge internal compartment that lets you store your everyday necessities.  A little issue is that the opening of the main compartment is quite small and filling the bag with your stuff could take time. Oakley Kitchen Sink Review

If you’re a person who likes to take water at all times, Each side of the back is designed with a meshed pocket that can hold water bottles and some other stuff you wish to carry around.  Both have compression straps to securely hold your things more tightly.  Moreover, a laptop compartment is also provided to secure your gadget.

Your mobile phone, as well as your other valuables, can be securely kept on a mini organizer located in front of the Oakley Kitchen Sink Backpack.  This includes pockets for pens, cards, and other small-sized stuff.

Can’t get enough?  Surely, this additional compartment at the bottom would impress you.  It allows you to store your shoes and other stuff you wish to separate from the others such as used clothes, dirty towels, small garbage, or slippers.  What makes this special storage appealing is the two-plastic drainage that allows you to dispense dirt/soil easily.

Comfortable Back Panel and Functional Straps

This Oakley Kitchen Sink Review would not be complete without exploring these durable straps and waistbands.

First:   Let’s take a look on its back panel. When you wear the bag for a long period of time, you’ll stay comfortable with the bag at your bag.  Why? The back panel is made of high-density foam that allows air to pass through.  It will minimize the heat and sweating. Oakley Kitchen Backpack

Second:   Oakley Kitchen Sink Backpack offers you the most comfortable shoulder straps.  The mesh material helps you carry your backpack comfortably.  You can adjust the straps to fit on your shoulders and as well as on your height.

Many times, with other backpacks, the shoulder straps tend to fall especially when you’re moving quickly.  This Oakley model has a solution for that by attaching a chest strap on the shoulder strap.  When moving, you can just lock it up and let the shoulder straps steady.

Waistband / Waist Strap in included to complete your Oakley Kitchen Sink Backpack.  If you’re not comfortable with it, no worries! Such strap is removable.  In case you would like to try wearing it, definitely, it’s a useful storage for some small-sized stuff.

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  • The backpack has multiple storages. It helps you organize your stuff.
  • A special compartment at the bottom lets you keep things that you want to separate from the others such as dirty-used stuff.
  • The back panel as well as shoulders straps are padded and give you additional comfort.
  • It comes with a laptop compartment.
  • Extremely durable and waterproof materials.


  • The bag alone is quite heavy and tends to become heavier when filled with stuff.
  • The opening of the main compartment is small.


Q: Can the laptop compartment keep up to 17-inch screen laptop?

A: Yes, it can.

Q: Does it come with a grab handle?

A: Yes, just like other backpacks, it is designed with a top handle for easy grab and it’s made of metal.

Q: Is it waterproof?

A: The backpack is waterproof but it doesn’t mean it’s submersible to water.  You still have to be careful especially if you carry your laptop and other gadgets.

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Well-constructed.  Oakley must have the best designer in creating the Oakley Kitchen Sink Backpack.  It looks like everything you need for a backpack is summed up in this model.  Although there are minimal issues like the weight and the small opening of the main compartment, the backpack still deserves a super THUMBS UP!

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