Incase Icon Slim Pack Backpack Review

Decades ago, students go to school like Ninja Turtles! With full backpacks on their bag, carrying books, notebooks, and other school necessities, making them look so haggard at the end of the day.  Today? Students can even do whatever they like while walking.  Comfortable, relaxed, while carrying slimmest backpacks.


Students in this generation, even professionals do not carry much stuff in going to school or offices.  Because everything’s saved in their laptops, and internet connection is accessible almost everywhere, no wonder they just carry along their gadget every day. And of course, almost all your important files are saved on your laptop, you don’t want it to be easily damaged, right.  Or think about the price! Laptops are expensive gadgets.  You’re gonna take care such gadget in possible ways.Incase Icon Slim Pack Review

In this Incase Icon Backpack Review, let’s see how this Incase Icon Slim Pack can truly protect your work or office buddy, your laptop!

Ready? Take a look at this!

Why should you buy Incase Icon Slim Pack?

  • It doesn’t give you a bulky feeling.
  • Fantastic quality including zippers.
  • Fits up to 15-inch laptop / MacBook Pro or iPad/Tablet
  • Adjustable padded shoulder straps for optimal comfort
  • Very light and cool in design
  • Great for school and office uses.

Key Features of Incase Icon Slim Backpack

Simple and Yet Classy

When you first look at a glance of this Incase Icon Slim Pack, the first thing that would come to your mind would be SIMPLICITY.  There’s only one pocket in front of the backpack, and the rest of your stuff can be stashed inside the main compartment.  Having a single pocket makes the bag appears clean and tidy.

Practical in Design

Having a dimension of 19″x12″x8″, the backpack offers you enough space for your everyday necessities.  Incase Icon Slim pack is divided into two compartments.  The one is purposely created for your laptop, while the other is intended to keep your other stuff.  Surprisingly, this slim backpack has lots of pockets inside the divided compartment that helps you organize stuff like pens, cards, keys, or even coins.Incase Icon Backpack Review

Definitely, a handsome bag too! It’s made of 100% ballistic nylon but appears to be flawless and smooth.  The pocket and main compartment are secured with durable and high-quality zippers.  And if you look closely on the stitching, it’s absolutely perfect.

With this Incase Icon Backpack Review, one could say that this backpack has truly served its purpose: to protectively carry your laptop.

By the way, unlike other bags, the Incase Icon Slim Pack is definitely not designed with a water-resistant feature.  Remember: This bag is for your gadget, and you might don’t want your laptops to get damaged.  So, avoid exposing your bag even to drizzles.

Padded Straps and Back Panel

Normally when we carry a backpack for a long period of time, we’ll start to feel uncomfortable because of the heat that we feel at the back.  This Incase Icon Slim Pack Backpack features a padded back panel, meshed to allow air to pass through and prevent you from too much heat.  It helps you feel comfortable while wearing the backpack.Incase Icon Backpack

And the shoulder straps? They give you additional comfort too with its pads. Shoulder straps are adjustable, though other customers find it short, and difficult to fit with tall people.

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  • Slim and lightweight.
  • Serves its purpose well in protecting your laptop.
  • It’s made of 100% nylon and extremely durable.
  • Compartments allow you to organize your things.
  • Come is many different colors.


  • The adjustable straps are quite short.
  • The space used in dividing the compartment could otherwise be used for stuff.


Q: Can you place a laptop and an iPad at the same time?

A: Yes.  Aside from laptop slot, there’s another slim slot that could for with your iPad or tablet.

Q: What’s the maximum volume of the Incase Icon Slim Pack?

A: You can store stuff up approximately up to 16.5L.

Q: Does it come with a water holder pocket?

A: Usually, pockets that can hold water bottles are located on the side of the bag.  Unfortunately, this bag doesn’t have side pockets.

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This Incase Icon Backpack Review has come to end.  Of course, it’s not enough that features about this bag when just read, imagined through photos.  It’s still best for you to hold yourself the backpack.

Oops! There’s more!

The Incase Icon Slim Pack comes in two versions:  the one in full size and the other which is slim.  The slim usually attracts more attention and receives more reviews.

Overall, this bag speaks about practicality.  Something that really serves its purpose well.  Apart from its good-looking appearance, this backpack is created to be functional.  The fact that everyone is carrying their gadget in their everyday ventures, definitely this bag would be useful to many.  Definitely, it’s going to be another perfect office or school buddy.

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