High Sierra Access Backpack Review

The High Sierra Access Backpack is the most useful and common item for all ages of people especially young generation. Those people who want to more partitions and storage space, the high sierra access backpack is perfect because of its design.

This 17 inch laptop backpack is large and its design is multi-compartment space type for feel comfortable to use when carrying extra loads. It is made of nylon fabrics which has high durability. It is designed to contain of multi pocket system like computer cover pockets, notepad pocket, particularly 17” laptop cover etc.High Sierra Access Backpack Review

For whom this backpack has been designed for?

Key Features of High Sierra Access Backpack

Perfect Size with Multiple Pockets

The High Sierra Access, 17 inch laptop backpack for professionals is intended for maximum efficacy and reassure. Its size is not onlyHigh Sierra Access Backpack large but also containing many kinds of pockets. It contains multi-pockets such as fully padded of soft region computer cover most probably about 17” laptops this means 16 x 11 x 1.75 in, tablet computer cover about 12.5 x 11 x 0.75, notebook cover about 15.5” x 10.75” x 1.8”, side pocket for water bottles and media pocket for any size of phones, MP3, PDA’s player with earphone port and also contains detachable key fob. It has also a part to keep the personal electronics things easily.

Huge Majority to Use Journey

The high sierra access has many wonderful features which is enough for getting the huge space for your stuff. Its shoulder belt is postponed, flexible side compression belts included. Especially its waistline belt helps to carry heavy loads easily because it distributes the weight of the tackle around the whole body. Since it has enough space you can travel freely with 2 laptops, 2 or 3 ring binders, various types of radios, mp3 and also at least one camera.

Stylish Look for Young Generation

The young generation can use the high sierra access backpack with a cool fashion. Not only students but also teachers feel comfort to use it. Any sphere like university, medical, Engineering etc. people are carrying their heavy books, mechanical instruments, laptops, notebooks, iPod and all other necessary things without any tension. Besides its one of the facility is that carrying it, people can easily ride cycle, bike for going anywhere.


  • It contains all kinds of pockets.
  • It has a rain cover to protect your gadgets.
  • It has two side pockets for water bottles.
  • It has available space of individual pockets for notebook, tablet computer, in particular 17” laptop.
  • It has wide and enough space for camera and lens.
  • Exclusive mp3 pockets with headphone port.


  • If you travel out of the country for a long time, it is not done.
  • It is perfect for specific size like 17” laptop pocket, but for a large size of laptop, tablets, iPods it is not available.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Does its water bottle pocket set in one side?

Answer: Yes, it has only one pocket for water bottle and it is right side. Most probably one pocket is enough for these.

Question: Is it waterproof or not?

Answer: No, it is not waterproof. But it has a rain cover to protect the bag in any bad weather.

Question: Can I use this backpack for two laptops?

Answer: Yes, you can use this backpack for two laptops.

Final Thought

I will recommend this 17 inch laptop backpack. Because all the stuff you wish exist in High Sierra Access Backpack. Now it is your turn. You can order this awesome Backpack with a discount.


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