Herschel Supply Co. Little America Backpack Review

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Herschel Company is a newer company founded just in 2009, but its products have rocked the bag industry.  Up to now? They keep on rockin’!

Why is this so? Because Herschel has been producing exceptional bags that suits everyone’s style. With reasonable prices on these bags, no wonder such products are being patronized by many.Herschel Supply Co. Little America Backpack

Giving much fame to Herschel is its creation of Herschel Supply Co. Little America Backpack that totally captures the heart of the many.  This signature design becomes the best-selling model of Herschel’s.  In this review, let’s get to know Herschel Supply Little America.  Take a look on its features and decide if you’re gonna buy it on your next shopping!

 Why should you buy Herschel Supply Co. Little America Backpack?

  • It has its own unique design that perhaps never found in other brands.
  • It provides a laptop compartment.
  • Great looks with a mix of mountaineering and modern style.
  • A fantastic looking bag with lots of options in terms of color.
  • Made of first class materials that guarantee durability.
  • A padded back portion of the bag as well as shoulder straps that add comfort.

Key Features of Herschel Supply Co. Little America Backpack

Extremely Comfortable

Surely, everybody wants comfort when it comes to carrying a backpack.  Well, Herschel Supply Little America provides you with much ease when wearing it.  The company has made the finest shoulder straps—contoured and fully padded.  Knowing that the bag can carry much stuff, you won’t feel like your shoulders are cramping nor in slight pain. Herschel Supply Little America

And the back of the bag? It’s totally remarkable with its paddings to. The mesh of it promotes airflow and prevents your back from getting sweaty.  Even if you’re wearing the bag for hours, you’re still comfortable with it.   And this makes the backpack ideal for hiking too.

Not just for hiking.  The backpack too can be your everyday buddy as it can be used at work, school, strolling, or when you just feel like roaming around the city.

Decent and Durable

Made of 100% polyester, Herschel Supply Co. Little America promises durability.   The nylon lining of its interior does not easily damage.  One could just use the backpack every day. Herschel Supply Co. Little America Backpack Review

And the looks? Oh, it’s decent with a clean and appealing color combination of the exterior and its magnetic strap.  It doesn’t look untidy and looks like every detail of the bag is well arranged and accurately measured.  The single front pocket doesn’t just add an appealing look to the bag but also gives you additional space for your tiny belongings.

Functional and serves its purpose well

Herschel Supply Little America boasts its huge space for your belongings.  You can stash all your daily necessities in this bag without hesitation.    Even if you go the gym, you can even keep your paraphernalia in your backpack.  Or even in school! Books, papers, documents, etc can be placed inside your bag.  Well, it’s durable and could carry your stuff even when they’re heavy.Herschel Supply Co. Little America Backpack

Your laptop is secured as the bag provide you with a pocket intended for laptops/iPads.  The outside straps are held down by magnets underneath the straps.  It makes you quickly open the bag especially when you’re in a hurry.

The top is secured with an adjustable drawstring.  A magnetic flip then additionally secures your backpack.    

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  • Offers a huge internal space.
  • Secures your laptop with its special pocket intended for laptops and another gadget.
  • Well-padded shoulder straps that are comfortable to wear.
  • The Meshed back portion allows air to pass through.
  • Comes with a magnetic outside strap that helps you access your stuff quickly.
  • Materials are made of a first class quality that guarantees durability.


  • Limited pockets.
  • Some of the bags come in synthetic outside straps instead of genuine leather.
  • The adjustable string might sometimes get loose.


Q: Does it come with side pockets?

A: Unfortunately, there is only one pocket located in front.

Q: Can you wash the bag?

A: Yes, you can.  Just be sure to rinse it well.  Dried soap may be visible especially on models with dark colors.  Polyester fabric too can be washed.

Q: How big is the bag?

A: The backpack has a dimension of 19.5 inches (H) x 11.25 inch (W) x 7 inches and a volume of 25 liters.

Q: Does the company offer warranty?

A: Yes, and their guarantee is that their products are free of manufacturing and company defects.  This could mean that everything passes on quality control and products which are out of the market are in best quality.  After all, they’re maintaining a good company image.

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Out of 5, this backpack absolutely receives 5 stars.  The Herschel Supply Co. Little America is designed with both functionality and aesthetic value.  The bag appears to be super neat, maybe because the top closure (drawstring) is hidden by a flipped closure, and the outside straps seem to be keeping everything intact.  Though there is only one pocket, you can still utilize the huge space of the main compartment.  To sum it up, WORTH IT!


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