Everki Titan Checkpoint Friendly Laptop Backpack (EKP120) Review

A traveler, professional or even a college students need to carry huge contents with them. Most of them need to carry their laptop/notebook through their backpack. Travelers may need to carry huge stuff during a personal or business trip and a college student may need to carry some books, binders, notebooks and other educational materials. So a large size backpack will be a great option for both of them. The Everki Titan Checkpoint Friendly Laptop Backpack is a large size laptop backpack that comes with several unique features. This premium quality laptop backpack is ideal for professionals, travelers or students to carry their laptop and other stuff. As a college going student, I’m using the Everki Titan Backpack to carry my laptop, tablet and other study materials.Everki Titan Checkpoint Friendly Laptop Backpack (EKP120) Review

Why Everki Titan Checkpoint Friendly Laptop Backpack?

Extra-large Size Laptop Backpack

As I said before, travelers and students need a large size backpack to carry everything they need. If they need to carryExtra Large Size Everki Titan Backpack their laptop, then a large size laptop backpack will be a great option to protect their laptop. Traditional backpacks not designed to protect your laptop from any kind hit, drop or physical damage. Most of the backpacks also don’t have a separate laptop sleeve or compartment.

But the Everki Titan specially designed for professionals and travelers to carry their laptop and tablet. The padded and dedicated laptop compartment large enough to carry up to an 18.4 inch laptop or notebook. The laptop compartment easily fit an Asus G73/G74/G75/G750 Series or a Dell Alienware. As the laptop compartment padded enough, so it will keep your laptop safe from any kind physical damage while you’re moving. There is also an extra attaching straps to hold your laptop tightly.

Well-Organized Multiple Compartments

Business and corporate persons need to carry their business essentials through their backpack. They also carry some Everki Titan Laptop Backpack with Multiple Compartmentsclothing, diary, notebook, paperback etc. when they are on a business trip. So a well-organized backpack will help to keep their contents organized. It also helps to pack and unpack your contents easily and quickly.

The Titan Backpack comes with a well-organized and large main compartment. The compartment has enough space to carry some clothing, shoes, books, binders, files and other business or daily essentials. The Everki EKP120 has also two additional compartments to carry files or documents. The zippered front compartment is perfect for business/corporate persons to carry their business essentials. From pen loops to key holder, everything available in this compartment. There are several small zippered pockets and sleeves available in the front compartment to carry business cards, passport, ticket, media player, mouse, charger and small tools and accessories. Overall, this is the best backpack for businessman or professionals.

Checkpoint Friendly Laptop Backpack

Travelers, business and corporate persons need to travel by air. And a checkpoint friendly laptop backpack can Checkpoint Friendly Everki Titan EKP120 Backpackhelp them to pass the airport security area easily and quickly with their laptop or notebook. Checkpoint friendly laptop backpack also well-known as TSA Friendly Backpack and these backpacks specially designed to carry your laptop and pass the airport security area without taking-off your laptop from the backpack. (To know more details about TSA-Friendly Laptop Backpack design guidelines, please click here).

Well, the Everki Titan Laptop Backpack is a checkpoint friendly laptop backpack that is designed according to TSA-Friendly guidelines. You won’t need to remove your laptop from the Titan Backpack while passing the airport security area. Just open the main laptop compartment zipper and pass your backpack through airport security x-ray machine.

Comfortable to Carry

Sometimes a traveler needs to carry their backpack for a long time with huge weight. Students may also need to carryEverki EKP120 some books, notebooks, paperback and binder through their backpack for a whole day. So your backpack must be convenient enough to carry.

Thanks to Everki that they design the EKP120 to carry huge weight with maximum comfort. The ergonomic shoulder strap comes with padded and adjustable features. The back panel also padded enough to carry the backpack with maximum comfort. The most attractive feature of Everki EKP120 is its 5 point balance strap system. This will help to reduce weight from your back. There is also a waist strap and chest strap available in this backpack that also reduce weight from back.

Water-Resistant Backpack

Water-Resistant backpack is valuable for a traveler to keep his/her contents safe from rain, water, snow, dirt or dust. The Everki EKP120 Titan comes with a water-resistant weather cover to protect your stuff from any kind bad environment. You can easily fold this weather cover after use, and it can also dried quickly. There is an extra pocket available in the backpack for this weather cover.

Specifications of Titan Backpack

  • Made of high quality raw materials
  • Laptop compartment dimensions: 33 x 5 x 52 cm
  • Backpack dimensions: 38 x 21 x 54 cm
  • Internal storage capacity: 40L
  • Backpack weight is only 4.42 lbs
  • Color: Black
  • Warranty: Limited Lifetime Warranty

What’s Good?

  • Easily fit the backpack under the most of the airlines seats
  • Separate and padded sleeve for iPad, Tablet or Kindle
  • Top zippered pocket with easy to access feature for media player, mobile phone or sunglass
  • Zippered media player pocket with headphone outlet
  • Weather cover makes this backpack 100% Water Resistant
  • Multi-functional side pockets for accessories and water bottle
  • Separate accessory pocket
  • Premium quality zipper

What’s Bad?

  • Large size laptop backpack not recommended for the people with smaller builds
  • Price may be a little bit higher

Compare with Other Everki Laptop Backpack

Everki Titan vs. Everki Atlas Laptop Backpack

Everki Titan vs. Everki Atlas Laptop Backpack

When you compare the Everki Titan Checkpoint Friendly Laptop Backpack with the Everki Atlas, you will find the quality and other basic features are same. The only big difference is the laptop compartment of this two backpack. Whether the Titan comes with 18.4 inch laptop compartment, Everki Atlas comes with a laptop compartment that fit 13 to 17.3 inch laptop/notebook perfectly. And the laptop compartment of Atlas is adjustable, so your laptop will remains safe with this backpack.

Everki EKP120 Titan vs. Everki Beacon Laptop Backpack

Everki EKP120 Titan vs. Everki Beacon Laptop Backpack

Everki Titan Laptop Backpack and Everki Beacon are nearly same in size. Titan is perfect to carry an 18.4 inch laptop and Beacon is perfect to carry up to 18 inch laptop. But the most important difference between these two backpacks are, the Everki Beacon is a gaming laptop backpack where the Titan is a checkpoint friendly laptop backpack. The Beacon has enough space to carry a large size gaming laptop with gaming console, headphone, mouse, keyboard and other gaming accessories.

Everki Titan vs. Everki Flight

Everki Titan vs. Everki Flight

Everki Flight is also a most popular, top rated and best-selling laptop backpack from Everki. When you compare the Everki Titan with Everki Flight, you will find the most common difference of these two backpacks are their size. Titan is a large size backpack where Everki Flight is a small to medium size backpack with a separate laptop compartment for 16 inch laptop. And we notice that, the price of these two backpacks is also different. Whether you will need to spend nearly 200 USD to buy the Everki Titan EKP120 Backpack, thither you can buy the Everki Flight backpack for only less than 100 USD.


Q: Can I carry my Asus G751 gaming laptop using this Everki Titan Backpack?

Answer: Yes, the ASUS G751 is a 17.3 inch laptop that can easily fit in the laptop compartment of Everki Titan.

Q: Is the laptop compartment fit a Dell XPS18 with the dimensions are 18.25″ x 11.17″ x 0.69″?

A: Laptop compartment dimension of Everki EKP120 is 33 x 5 x 52 cm, so it will easily fit a Dell XPS18 laptop.

Q: Is the backpack perfect to use for more than 1 year?

A: Obviously, this is a premium quality backpack made of high quality materials. So you can use the backpack for a longtime.

Final Thought

Overall, the Everki Titan Checkpoint Friendly Laptop Backpack is a durable and lightweight premium quality backpack. If you’re looking for an expensive backpack with premium quality and style, then this will be the ideal one for you.


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