Case Logic RBP-117 17.3-Inch MacBook Pro/Laptop Backpack Review

If you are the user of a MacBook Pro or a 17.3 inch laptop, then the main fact you have thought a lot is a perfect backpack. As a laptop user, you should use the best laptop backpack for a better support. But finding a 17.3 inch laptop backpack in online is time consuming. But you can save your time by ordering Case Logic RBP-117 17.3-Inch Laptop Backpack. This is an ideal 17.3 inch laptop backpack. As you can’t waste your valuable time, here I will give you an honest review about his backpack.Case Logic RBP-117 17.3-Inch MacBook Pro/Laptop Backpack

For whom this Backpack has been designed for?

  • A business person, who has to carry extra stuff all the time
  • Travelers, who has to carry the backpack under the seat on the plane
  • Students, who has to carry some study material with the laptop
  • Cyclists, who has to carry a water bottle
  • MacBook users, who needs a scratch free inside laptop backpack
  • Who needs a high durable fabric backpack for balancing weight

Some Significant Features of Case Logic RBP-117

Distinct Compartment for Tab and Laptop

Case Logic RBP-117, 17.3 inch laptop backpack has two different compartments to carry both tab and laptop Case Logic RBP-117 17.3-Inch Laptop Backpackwithout any hassle. This backpack fits up to 17.3 inch laptop. Sometimes you can carry more than 17 inch laptop. It’s depends on the brands. Tab compartment filled with soft padded and scratch free fabric for the high safety.

Water Resistant Exterior

Sometimes your laptop can damage by getting some water. So you need a water resistant laptop backpack. Case Logic RBP-117 has a water resistant outfit with high quality fabrics to give the safety of your laptop from water.

High Durability

Nylon fabrics give the high durability to this backpack and balance the weight equivalently. Back side of the backpack is made of soft fabric and has the ventilation way. So you will feel cool in your back even you carry the backpack for a long time. The shoulder straps are made of soft padded so that it will not give extra pressure.

Perfect for Professionals

If you are a professional and searching the best laptop backpack for your 17.3 inch laptop, then it is the best one. Multiple compartments allow you to carry all the stuff you need in your profession. Even if you are a student, you can carry some textbooks in this backpack.


  • Made of high quality fabrics for durability.
  • Multiple compartments for different stuff.
  • Water resistant outfit to keep safe your tab or laptop.
  • Slot for key, business card and other small things.
  • Budget friendly.
  • Padded shoulder straps for comfortable movement.
  • Water bottle pockets for cyclist and travelers.


  • Zippers can be broken if get extra pressure.
  • Some customers have made a complaint about the delay of delivery. But you can order it here for a one day delivery.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Can I keep two laptops in this backpack?

Answer: Yes, you can keep two laptops when you are not carrying extra loads.

Question: Can the straps take 9.1 pound load with two laptops and textbooks?

Answer: Yes, the fabric of this backpack has durability so you can carry extra loads.

Question: Can I use this backpack suitable for a weekend or a 3-4 day trip?

Answer: Yes, you can. Some of the customers are using this for their weekend trip without facing any hassle. Large space of Case Logic RBP-117, 17.3 inch laptop backpack helps to carry all the necessary stuff.

Final Thought

If you are a busy person and want the best laptop backpack for your laptop, then I will strongly recommend you the Case Logic RBP-117 17.3-Inch Laptop Backpack. This has all the accessibility you wish in a 17.3 inch laptop backpack.


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