The Best 17 inch Laptop Backpack Reviews 2018

If you are a laptop user, then the first thing you have thought about your laptop is a perfect backpack. There are many kinds laptop backpack available in online store and local market. But finding the best laptop backpack is not so easy if you have no previous experience. You have to maintain some criteria to determine the best one for you. Usually, a 17 inch laptop backpack has some extra features. This kind of backpack made with the large capacity to keep the laptop safely inside of it.

Types of Laptop Backpacks

Single Compartment Backpack

Some backpacks for 17 inch laptop come with a separate compartment where you can usually carry the laptop with its charger. This kind of backpack has a small space inside of the backpack. Usually, they are with a low budget and have no warranty. But if you are thinking to change your laptop backpack on a regular basis, then a backpack with a separated compartment could be the best option.

Multiple Compartments Backpack

This kind of laptop backpack has a large capacity to carry the heavy load and perfectly keep a 17 inch laptop. They have multiple pockets with zippers for different kind of things. You can carry a laptop, files, documents, clothing, iPad, sunglass, headphone, cell phone and many other things by this kind of laptop backpack.

Commuter Backpack

This kind of laptop backpacks are designed for traveling. With a commuter laptop backpack you can travel by foot, bike or motorbike as you wish. It will allow you to move around without any problems. It is the best laptop backpack for you if you travel a lot in every month.

Travel Laptop Backpacks

This type laptop backpacks are designed for persons who has to travel by airline. This kind of laptop backpacks has wheels on them to move smoothly in any kind of place.

Business Laptop Backpack

Usually this type has a large space inside of the backpack for keeping a lot of extra things. You can keep some books or files which need in your business. Some of these have the facility to carry two laptops. Business card holder and pen holders are exist in this. Also available extra pockets; where you can keep some personal things like a wallet or car key.

Who needs a 17inch Laptop Backpack?

A person who has a large display laptop and has to carry everywhere need a 17 inch laptop backpack. Some person has to travel a lot for their works; they also need a large size laptop backpack for an easy travel. Students, who have to carry books, diary, papers, and headphone with his laptop, also need a laptop backpack with 17inch. Actually, all of the professionals need a 17inch laptop backpack for their laptop so that they can carry all the things they need.

Quick Overview of Top 10 17 Inch Laptop Backpack

10 Best 17 Inch Laptop Backpacks Review

AmazonBasics Laptop Backpack

Amazonbasics Laptop Backpack has made of premium quality fabric which will give a high durability to the 17 inch Laptop Backpack - AmazonBasics Laptop Backpack backpack for an easy movement. It is one of the best laptop backpack for a 17inch laptop with a lot of positive reviews on Amazon. Most of the review website like 10lista also select this backpack as ideal for carrying a 17 inch laptop. The Shoulder straps are padded; it helps to avoid pain and gives you a better feeling when carrying the backpack. It has multiple compartments for carrying all electronic accessories of the laptop. This backpack fits up to 17inch display laptop easily. Included water bottle pocket; so that you can carry a bottle with you when you are moving somewhere. This is a low budget backpack with the premium facilities so that you haven’t to think or tensed about the price.

Special Features

  • Large capacity to fit up to 17 inch laptop.
  • Padded shoulder straps for a better feeling in your shoulder.
  • Budget friendly so anyone can buy this.
  • High durability fabrics for balancing the weight.
  • Multiple compartments for extra load and carrying all gadgets in a single bag.
  • Included Mesh water bottle pockets at side.
  • This backpack fits to under the seat space in any kind of airlines.

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Ogio Renegade RSS Laptop/Tablet Backpack

The Ogio Renegade RSS Laptop Backpack is perfect for a 17inch laptop or a big display tablet. The fabrics of this backpack are nylon which has a high durability; so that you can carry heavy loads in this backpack. This backpack has a lot of 5 star customer reviews on Amazon, which ensures that this a popular laptop backpack and has all the premium facilities. Storage area of the backpack is high so that you can carry other electronic gadgets with you with only one laptop backpack. Separated pocket for holding your cell phone. This design fits on under the seat of any airline so that you can carry it with you when you are traveling somewhere. The exterior of this backpack is water resistant. This backpack has a professional outlook so it will adjust with your personality.Ogio Renegade RSS Laptop/Tablet Backpack Review

Special Features

  • Made of nylon fabric for high durability.
  • Padded shoulder straps for a better feeling when carrying the backpack.
  • Two utility pockets on both sides with zippers.
  • Extra phone pocket so that you get a quick access at emergency.
  • Included pen holder and card holder.
  • Balance the weight so that you will not face any back pain.
  • Included warranty so that you can get the best service.

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ASUS Republic of Gamers Nomad Backpack

ASUS Republic of Gamers Nomad Backpack is one of the best backpack for 17 inch laptop. This backpack is made of water-resistant 1680D ballistic nylon with high durability. This backpack has specially designed for gamers who have to carry some extra gaming accessories with the laptop. Inside of this backpack is quite big to hold a 17 inch laptop with safety. This backpack has an internal suspension with padded soft fabrics which will keep your laptop totally safe from any kind of hit. This is a special feature which is not available in all the backpacks. This backpack has a light weight so that you don’t need to carry some extra weight your laptop. This backpack is totally waterproof, so that you can move anywhere, even in a bad weather.ASUS Republic of Gamers Nomad Backpack

Special Features

  • High durability to balance the weight.
  • This backpack fits up to 17 inch laptop so that no need to be tensed about size.
  • Separated headphone holder to keep your headphone safe from any damage.
  • This product has been designed for carrying heavy loads with comfort.
  • Included several compartments in this backpack for an external keyboard, mouse, and other small accessories.
  • You can even carry two laptops together when you are not carrying a heavy load with it.
  • Compartments to carry gaming accessories with safety.

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Targus Drifter II Backpack for 17-Inch Laptop

Well-known backpack Targus Drifter brand has designed this premium backpack with all the cool features which need in a 17 inch laptop backpack. This one is the best backpack for 17 inch laptop if you have a good budget. Targus Drifter II has a large capacity with unit Dimensions: 20.08 inch H x 14.57 inch L x 7.87 inch so that it fits up to a 17inch laptop. This 17 inch laptop backpack is filled with several pockets with zipper to give you the highest carrying facility. Sturdy molded plastic handle supported by metal grommets and cabling for the better performance. Targus is giving a lifetime guaranty for a short time. The Outlook of the bag is awesome and professional look. This backpack has zippered front pockets with padded fabrics for sensitive accessories.Targus Drifter II Backpack for 17-Inch Laptop

Special Features

  • Large capacity so fits up to 17.3inch laptop without any hassle.
  • Padded shoulder straps for better feeling ion your shoulder.
  • Separated rooms to fit all in one backpack.
  • Tablet and iPad holder for carrying extra gadgets.
  • Cool durability to balance the weight.
  • This has an extra phone pocket so that you get a quick access for emergency.
  • Limited lifetime warranty.
  • Fits to under the seat of any airline, so that you can move comfortably.

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Mobile Edge Alienware Vindicator 17″ Backpack

Another best laptop backpack which is budget friendly. Edge has designed a new premium quality backpack called Mobile Edge 17.3 Inch Alienware Orion Backpack ScanFastMobile Edge Alienware Vindicator Backpack for 17 inch laptop which fits perfectly up to an 18inch laptop. Durable high-density nylon constructed exterior for the best safety of your hardware. Weather-resistant, non-slip base for best protection. Different kind of compartments is inside of the backpack so that you can carry all the things which you need outside. Shoulders straps are very comfortable so that you will never feel any pain. Good ventilation so that you can get some on air on your back when carrying for a long time. Padded tablet holder to keep your tab hit free.

Special features

  • Durability to balance the weight equivalently.
  • Multiple pockets to carry all the stuff you need.
  • Fits to under the seat space in some kind of airlines for a hassle free moving.
  • Water bottle holder for a happy travel in summer.
  • Easy to carry if you are cycling or driving a motorbike.
  • Special headphone holders and easy access to the headphone to listening audios.
  • Students can use this with their laptop and other stuffs like books, diary and text books.

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Samsonite Luggage Vizair Laptop Backpack

Samsonite is one of the popular brand in the backpacks market. They are mainly popular for their high quality backpack, unique design and reasonable price. The Samsonite Luggage Vizair Laptop Backpack is also an ideal 17 inch laptop backpack that made of premium quality Polyester and Nylon materials. The 1680D Polyester that used in this backpack is high quality man-made fiber polymerization product that ensures the long durability of this backpack. Like most other laptop backpacks, the Samsonite Luggage Vizair also comes with a secure and padded laptop compartment. And you can store up to a 17 inch laptop in this compartment. A laptop attaching strap also available to keep your laptop safe while walking or hiking.Samsonite Luggage Vizair Laptop Backpack

Key Features

  • Smart sleeve design to pack or unpack easily and quickly
  • Available in 4 different sizes
  • Compact and lightweight design
  • Top zippered pocket for small accessories, gadgets or smartphone
  • Non-slip padded and adjustable shoulder straps
  • Used three air bumpers at the bottom to keep your contents safe from the drop or hit damage
  • Built-in luggage strap
  • Waterproof backpack to protect your expensive goods from snow, rain or water

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Case Logic RBP-117 17.3-Inch Laptop Backpack

The Case Logic RBP-117 is an ideal backpack for those people who need to carry their laptop, tablet and huge gadgets through the backpack. This large size laptop backpack comes with full electronics capacity. You can lots of gadgets, tools, power cable, mouse, headphone and much more through the backpack. This Case Logic Backpack is mainly ideal for tech professionals to carry their daily or travel essentials. A foam protected and padded laptop sleeve available on the backside of this backpack. There is also a separate tablet sleeve available to carry up to a 10.1 inch size tablet. Like the previous one, the RBP-117 also comes with water-resistant features to keep your contents safe from daily wear and tear.Case Logic RBP-117 17.3-Inch MacBook Pro/Laptop Backpack

Key Features

  • Multiple compartments and pockets make it easy to pack and unpack your gadgets easily
  • Multifunctional compression straps keep this backpack compact in size
  • A secure slot available to store your jacket or sweater
  • Padded top loading pocket for soft gadgets or smartphone
  • Organized front compartment to store mouse, pens, media player, business card, keys and much more
  • Separate slot in the middle compartment to store files and printed documents

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SwissGear Travel Gear ScanSmart Backpack 1900

One of my favorite laptop backpacks for both travel and everyday use. The SwissGear Travel Gear ScanSmart Backpack is one of the best-selling and top rated backpack from SwissGear. The attractive, compact and slim design with multiple features make this backpack best-selling and top rated. Like other premium quality backpack, this one made of high quality Polyester, Fabric and Nylon materials. The compact size with multiple compartments make the SwissGear 1900 ideal for travelers and college students. A secure and padded laptop compartment available in this backpack with side entry feature. The most attracting thing is that, the SwissGear Travel Gear made with TSA guidelines, so you can easily pass the airport security area without removing the laptop from the backpack.SwissGear Travel Gear ScanSmart Backpack 1900

Key Features

  • Available in 5 different colors
  • Media player pocket with headphone outlet
  • Organized bottom pocket to store your business essentials
  • Checkpoint friendly laptop backpack
  • Perfectly designed padded shoulder strap
  • Easily fit under the seat of any airlines airplane

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High Sierra Business Elite Backpack

The High Sierra is also a well-known brand of backpack, luggage and bags. Most of their backpacks come with premium design, made of high quality materials and cheap price. The High Sierra Business Elite Backpack is one of the best-selling backpack from High Sierra that available in 3 different colors. The 1680D Ballistic Nylon materials used in this backpack that ensure high durability as well as lightweight. This is a business backpack, so it comes with a built-in padded laptop compartment. This compartment is perfect to carry a 15 to 17 inch laptop securely. There is a separate cellphone pocket available in this backpack with padded feature. This will keep your expensive smartphone safe from any kind damage while walking, traveling or hiking.High Sierra Elite Business Backpack Review

Key Features

  • Padded laptop compartment with top entry feature
  • Well-organized main compartment
  • Front zippered pocket for business essentials
  • Separate mobile pocket, mesh pocket and zippered pocket in the front compartment
  • Soft, padded and adjustable S curved shoulder straps
  • Built-in luggage strap for easy handling

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SwissGear Blue Ibex 17″ Computer Backpack

Another premium quality 17 inch laptop backpack from SwissGear. Like the SwissGear Luggage Vizair Backpack, the SwissGear Blue Ibex 17″ Computer Backpack also made of premium quality materials. The fashionable and stylish design make this backpack unique from others. The front zippered pocket comes with essential organization features. So you can carry your business essentials like business cards, pens, diary, visiting cards and other accessory. There is also a quick pocket available to store your iPod, MP3 player or smartphone. The most attractive feature of the SwissGear Blue Ibex is, it comes with a highly secure laptop compartment. The padded laptop compartment comes with an attaching straps to hold your laptop tightly.SwissGear Blue Ibex 17" Computer Backpack Review

Key Features

  • Three layer shock absorbing foam used in the laptop compartment
  • Airflow back panel keeps your back cool while carrying the backpack
  • Three main compartments to store your clothing and other essentials
  • Shock absorbing shoulder straps can dispute weight evenly for better comfortable to carry
  • Two side mesh pockets and one side zippered pocket
  • Can store up to 17.3 inch laptop

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How to choose the best 17 inch Laptop Backpack?

When you are buying a 17inch laptop backpack online, you have to keep some major things in your mind. First of all find what kind of fabrics has used for the backpack. If the fabric has high durability, then it can carry heavy loads. The second important thing is the shoulder straps. Make sure that the backpack has padded shoulder straps so that you can carry the backpack without any pain. Another most important thing about a laptop backpack is how much compartments are available in the backpack. If you have to carry some extra things all time with you then choose a backpack with multiple pockets with zippers. Check the zippers if they are strong enough or not.

Check the backpack to make sure is that backpack is waterproof or not. If you have to travel with your laptop then you should choose a laptop backpack which is waterproof. Another important feature is a headphone holder. Headphone holder is not available in every kind of backpacks. If you are a music lover and keep your headphone with you then you should choose a laptop backpack which has a headphone holder. If you are a tablet or iPad user then make sure there is a separate compartment in the backpack for the iPad or tablet.

Some backpack gives a separated compartment with soft padded fabrics to give you the highest safety of your laptop or tablet. When you are buying a 17 inch laptop backpack in online then compare the price in several stores. In my experience, best online store to find the laptop backpack for 17 inch laptop is Amazon. Here you will find the budget friendly backpack for 17 inch laptop with high performance.

Final Thought

Now, you know the types of 17 inch laptop backpack with a detailed review of 5 best backpacks. Hope, this post will help you to find a best 17 inch laptop backpack for your laptop without any hesitation. But keep in mind that you need a good budget to order to buy the best laptop backpack from online store. Hope that now you have no confusion about best backpacks for 17 inch laptop or notebook.











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