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Welcome to DailyBackpack.com About page. Here you will get some information about TopLaptopBackpack.com and Arefa Tonny Who is the owner and manager of this blog.

About DailyBackpack

Backpack is one of the most important and essential element of our daily life to carry our laptop/notebook or MacBook and other essential contents. When you want to buy a backpack from online, you may search on the web and get huge results. I’m sure, you will not satisfy with these results. Sometimes, you may also search for a specific college, school, hiking, travel or laptop backpack review to take a decision to buy a backpack.

So, I’m here to help you to take a proper decision before buying any backpack. I’ll try my best to collect best laptop, school, college, travel & hiking backpack and provide detailed information with the true review. I’ll also share discount buying links for several backpacks so that you can save a big amount of bucks during buying a backpack.

About Arefa Tonny

Hi, this is Arefa Tonny, owner and manager of this blog. I’m a happily married woman with a sweet honey. We are living in a small house in New York.

Buying backpack is my hobby and I like to change my backpack 3 to 4 times in a year. For this reason, people including my friends, relatives always ask me about backpack when they need to buy. To be confronted me about this question is what type backpack they should buy or where to buy etc. They need to know about my suggestion and I also love to suggest people about cool backpacks.

So finally I decide to launch a blog about backpack and I’ll recommend all of my favorite backpack with detail review and discounted buying links so that they can easily take a decision to buy a perfect backpack.

In this blog, I’m sharing some backpack buying links with the affiliate link. That means, if you buy any backpack using an affiliate link, I’ll get a little amount of commission without your extra cost. So if you do that, I’ll really appreciate it.

If you have any question regarding on backpack, please shoot a mail at dailybackpack07 [at] gmail.com. I’ll try my best to reply your mail within a short period of time.



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