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Mobile Edge Alienware Vindicator Backpack Review

By now you’re wondering why our next featured bag is named Alienware? Is the backpack intended for an alien? Or named after an alien perhaps? Boom! It may it may sound interesting, but you might more become interested with its features! Compact in design, the backpack looks

Everki Studio Slim Laptop Backpack Review

While our laptop is designed and tested to hold up to a lot of use, common sense tells us that we should take care of such gadget. And here’s what: Carrying our laptop every day at school and at work is one of the main reasons why

High Sierra Loop Backpack Review

Talking about practicality, High Sierra is always on top of the list.  High Sierra is famous for making sturdy and functional bags that always suits your budget.  Rocking its name in the market for more than three decades now, High Sierra has been patronized by many because

The Best 17 inch Laptop Backpack Reviews 2017

If you are a laptop user then the first thing you have thought about your laptop is a perfect backpack. There are many kinds laptop backpack available in online store and local market. But finding the best laptop backpack for you is not so easy. You have

OGIO Newt 15 Laptop Backpack Review 2017

Now-a-days, most of the people need to carry their laptop, tablet and other gear for business or personal assignment. And most of them love to use a backpack to carry their daily essentials. The OGIO is one of the renowned and well-known backpack manufacturer and they come

Top 10 Best Travel Backpack 2017 [Comparison and Reviews]

Backpack is one of the most important and essential elements for a traveler. A travel backpack is not a traditional college backpack or laptop backpack. It’s different in size, design and functionality. If you search on the web for the best travel backpack, you will get thousands

How to Choose the Right Travel Backpack [Infographic]

A backpack is one of the most important and essential elements for a traveler. So choosing the right travel backpack is also important. You can consider below points to choose the right travel backpack to make your next trip pleasant and comfortable. Embed This Image On Your